Experiential Learning. On Demand.

Enterprise Video Content Management and
Lecture Capture System for Accelerated Learning

MEDIASHAREiQ is the ideal plug-and-play Video Content Management and Lecture Capture System for recording, viewing, and managing lecture recordings and multimedia assets. Developed with both the educator and modern-day learner in mind,its benefits can be seen across the learning spectrum. Educators and trainers are empowered to enrich their learning environments, extending lecture-based learning online and clearing the way for a tighter focus on experiential learning during meeting times. And learners are presented with comprehensive, interactive course content that boosts engagement and fosters increased material retention.

Create, Manage, and Track
Immersive Learning Experiences

Comprehensive Media Management

With MEDIASHAREiQ's intuitive user interface, robust search capabilities, and LMS integration, end-to-end course and lecture video content management has never been easier

Intuitive Mobile Apps

The interconnected MEDIASHAREiQ app suite helps you extend functionality and optimize learning environments from any internet-enabled device

Powerful Engagement Analytics

Customizable analytics detail learner engagement, viewing habits, usage, and costs, while interactive quizzes and surveys track and sync learner performance scores back to integrated LMS assessment systems

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Higher Education

Growing evidence shows a significant link between repetition, retention, and academic performance. Does your current learning management technology give your learners the tools they need to succeed? MEDIASHAREiQ empowers students to review course content at their own pace, facilitating both on-campus and remote education. Ideal for flipped classroom, online, and on-demand learning, the MEDIASHAREiQ enterprise video management software makes it easy for faculty to create and share educational content that enhances student engagement, accelerates performance, and improves learning outcomes.

Corporate Training

Companies committed to hiring and retaining the best employees recognize the need for a robust training and staff development program. Leverage MEDIASHAREiQ's innovative enterprise video management technology to exceed your employee training goals, including improved communications, streamlined training and onboarding, and enhanced access to live or on-demand corporate events. And with the MEDIASHAREiQ app suite, you can take your training anywhere to seamlessly create, edit, manage, and share education videos, slides, on-screen content, and more.

MEDIASHAREiQ Drives Accelerated Learning

As online learning has exploded in popularity, the ability to securely create, share, and manage content has become a key inhibitor to web-based curricula. MEDIASHAREiQ puts learning directly in the hands of learners and instructors with its combined, cloud-based platform and app suite, driving engagement and accelerating performance through immersive content. Remove geographical and technical barriers from your educational programs to extend learning environments and enhance material retention. MEDIASHAREiQ enables seamless and on demand creation, management, and delivery of live, interactive education, fusing didactic learning with video-based online content and active practice.

MEDIASHAREiQ's Robust Feature Set


Take control of your online curriculum and organize course-specific media content with the smart user interface.


Record, edit, and play HD-quality live lecture or presentation sessions within any classroom or desktop environment.


Engage remote learners beyond the classroom with fully-integrated live streaming and Q&A.


Track and measure learner performance with interactive, real-time quizzes and surveys.


Generate comprehensive reports on learner engagement and viewing habits, usage, and cost allocation.


Maintain data compliance and integrity with secure cloud computing, single sign-on, and automated transcription.


Enjoy extended functionality and mobility by leveraging the complementary app suite. Record lecture videos in an A/V-enabled room or on your PC/Mac with MEDIASHAREiQ Record. Facilitate remote video recording and management using MEDIASHAREiQ Remote. Play recorded videos on mobile devices with MEDIASHAREiQ Play. Streamline video and content management, scheduling, capture, playback, and debriefing on-the-fly with Control360.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

MEDIASHAREiQ™ combines a next generation cloud-based platform with a suite of easy to use apps for mobile devices. Enjoy seamless integration with classroom scheduling and learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard®, Canvas, and SIMULATIONiQ™. MEDIASHAREiQ also utilizes the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard to deliver a single framework that integrates with additional LMS products.

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